• Is there a cart minimum for my Pineapple Points to work?

    Yes! To use your Pineapple Points your cart must meet the minimum $50 requirement. 

  • Can I still get free shipping if I use Pineapple Points and it brings my total under $100?

    Unfortunately, no. When we are running our free shipping promo, the final order subtotal has to be $100 or greater. If any discounts bring the subtotal below $100, we are not able to offer free shipping, as the system does not recognize that the order requirements have been met.

  • How can I earn Pineapple Points?

    There are a number of ways to earn points! All you'll need to do to activate your points is to sign up, or log into your account at emilyley.com.

    Ways to earn:

    •  Follow on FB - 100 points
    •  Share on FB - 50 points (monthly)
    •  Follow @Simplified - 100 points
    •  Follow @EmilyLey - 100 points
    •  Make a purchase - 2 points for every $1 spent
    •  Celebrate your Birthday - 1000 points
    •  Refer a friend - 1,000 points

    What you can earn:

    •  500 points = $5 off $50 discount
    •  1,000 points = $10 of $50 discount
    •  2,500 points = $25 of $50 discount

  • How do I sign up for Pineapple Points?

    Go to www.emilyley.com and follow these instructions:

    - Click on Pineapple Points in the bottom left corner
    - Log in with your account info
    - Click on Pineapple Points again

    That should do it! You can then go through the 'earn points' sections and click on the tabs as if you are a new follower and everything will populate itself. Your birthday points will be added on your actual birthday as long as it's entered 30 days prior!

  • Pineapple Points

    For information and answers to FAQs on our Pineapple Points™ program, click here.